The curse of itunes

When I was in the 6th grade, in 1986, one thing that I desired more than anything was a Juke Box. I would go to the pizza parlor and while all the other kids had quarters for video games I was dropping quarters into the jukebox. Back then juke boxes still used 45 records and what I always found cool is they always seemed to have had the latest singles that were playing on the radio. I dropped the quarters in and chose about 3 of my favorite songs and I would listen for it and when it came on I made sure everyone knew that was the song I chose. That year I also started spending my allowance on 45s and I wanted to make sure I had all the latest music on record. In the back of my head I was thinking, “one day I will be able to put all these records into my own juke box”. Well back then I never could have imagined they would have computers where you could put all your music in that would be far superior to a jukebox.

Flash forward years later. I replaced buying 45s for buying CDs and had a collection of hundreds of CDs. So many that there are some that I will probably never pull out again to listen to. I had transfered ALL my music to the Apple’s free iTunes music player. I had so much music on there I was constantly organizing it. For some reason I felt I needed to keep every song from every album to make sure the integrity of the album was in tact. But why? When I listened to that album on CD I would just skip to the 2 or 3 songs that I liked and ignore the duds. I would spend hours on making playlists and anytime I would think about what I wanted to listen to it would take me forever to decide. It got to a point where I was no longer enjoying the music. It became a chore trying to decide what I would call the genres and then I would change my mind again and change it all back.

I finally gave up when I realized that I was spending 4 hours in front of the computer sorting through all my music files. It was time for me to do something different. I decided to keep all the albums that I enjoyed and for all the other albums I started to delete all the tracks I didn’t like. I removed the album name and replaced it with the decade the song was originally released. I then made playlists for each decade and one big one with all the songs. The reason for this was so I can just choose which decade I was in the mood for and hit shuffle. Shuffle is an awesome feature because it gives you the feel like you are listening to the radio without commercials and best of all it they are all songs that I enjoy. Since then I have spent very few hours organizing my music. When I get a new album. I keep it in tact for a few days and after a month or so if the album tracks don’t interest me I start to delete songs.

The best part is the albums I really cherish are much easier to find in the list of thousands of songs and when I am ready for variety it is just two clicks away. I finally have a jukebox that I can enjoy. Even better, this computer came with a remote control!

Updated on: September 4th, 2007