Mind clutter: the iphone

The iPhone has been both a blessing and a curse. The good is I can be in contact with whomever whenever. The bad is I can be in contact with whomever whenever. I was thinking just now though, why do I feel like I have to have the phone on all the time? I think I may turn it off from time to time so I can enjoy not being connected.

This week Apple released iPhone 2.0 software. I was so excited downloading programs and a lot of free ones that make it easier for me to connect to the social networking sites like myspace, facebook, and twitter. Pretty fun stuff. One thing though is I tried to set up ebook readers and the bible on the phone. I want to replace my (non internet connected) Palm. I use the Palm for it’s great to do list feature, to read the bible, and ebooks. Though the screen on the iPhone is better the lightness of the Palm is much nicer. But like being connected to everyone all the time the iPhone too is too distracting when trying to read. The temptation to check my email or the news when I should be reading a book is too distracting. Sometimes it is best not to be on a connected device.

This week I am going to try not to browse the internet as much on my phone and make the thing work for me instead of it becoming a crutch as it seems to have been lately. The iphone is a great tool but it can be really addicting to be connected all the time. I need to take the time to shut it off and go out there and enjoy life and get things done!

Updated on: July 30th, 2008