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Enjoy life!

There are many things in life that can get us down. It could be health, money, relationships, worrying about the future, the state of your country, the state of the world… We all have so many things on our minds all the time we forget to enjoy life. We spend so many hours worrying about things and if you really think about it most of those things in the end don’t matter. Lets say you are having money problems; it doesn’t do you any good to think about it all the time. Just as you can set aside time to work out your problem you can set aside time to not worry about those problems.

I made the mistake a few short years ago in thinking that if I just got over this one issue I was dealing with that my life would be so much better but then that issue was solved and another problem came up behind it. I waste so much time trying to work out scenario after scenario to make things better but if my end goal is to find contentment I am never going to find it and in the end I am missing out on enjoying life.

There will always be problems, some bigger than others. If you get past one then you will just have something else to worry about the next day. Some may find this depressing but I think there is comfort in knowing this and to me it makes my current problems seem much less stressful. So what I propose we all do is learn to give time to the things that need our time but after that time is up put it aside and take the time to enjoy life and be thankful for all the things that we do have.

Updated on: February 3rd, 2011