Fire your favorite tv shows

 I find that I enjoy the summer time because most of my favorite tv shows are on hiatus until the fall.  But thinking about that… it’s very strange…  If I enjoy these shows so much then why am I happy they are off the air?  Why do I continue to watch these shows if they are such a burden?  That is a question I ask myself every summer and yet come September I got my TV schedule all lined up…  But this time will be different.  I am going to fire some of my favorite TV shows.  And maybe you should do the same.

Here is an example of a show I am moving on from:  The Office.  The show was funny at first and it had a lot of fun stories that got me to watch from week to week but after 7 years I am not sure why I still watch.  It’s supposed to be a comedy but more than anything it’s just painfully awkward.  Since I had invested so many years into these characters I continued to watch… why should I feel an obligation to a tv show and to characters that aren’t even real?  It makes no sense.  Now if you watch The Office and still enjoy it that’s fine but I think it is important to find ways of limiting tv watching and eliminate those shows you can do without.

What I find during the summer with less tv viewing is I am much more productive with my time. I enjoy reading non fiction.  I read books that help me improve myself and my view of the world around me… I love to learn new things and when I invest my time in the lives of fictional characters I have gained nothing.  I have just wasted my time watching ads for products I don’t need as the networks try and get me to watch from week to week so they can sell more ad time.

Why not take that time spent on tv and use it to work toward developing real relationships with the people around you and learn about real things that can help improve yourself and others.  I am not saying I am giving up on all shows but I need to know when to move on and limit my viewing.

Updated on: July 19th, 2011