Enjoy the meaningless

You don’t have to explain what you love.

Sometimes you can connect to things where no explanation is needed. With that said it is fun to think of the origin story of why you love the things you collect or the places you like to go. Sometimes its just simple nostalgia that connects us with good memories of our childhood and sometimes that thing or place represents something that resonates with us.

Here are some examples…

I like to visit Disneyland. Depending on my mood, I will tell you a different story as to why I like this place. It could be that my parents grew up in the area so there are a lot of family connections in Orange County, it could be the friends that I get to meet up and spend time with at the parks, or it could be a safe escape where I know what to expect. Regardless, I do visit Disneyland a lot and I am aware of the frustrations that other people complain about when it comes to the lines and sore feet but I tend to focus on how beautiful the park looks after sun down as I enjoy the sites and the smells. I enjoy being present in a place that is separate from my regular day to day life. I enjoy my life but it is nice to have a safe place to escape to.

Another thing that I enjoy is the Marvel X-Men character Kitty Pryde. I was never a comic book reader growing up but in recent years I got into following a few stories. One of which is Kitty Pryde’s stories in the Marauders comic book series. I tend to connect with the female comic book characters more than the males. Some of the reasons could be that I have always been pro women empowerment. I love how in our current culture women are more respected than any time in recent history. I love how women characters are written with more agency and there are some great stories produced and written by women that everyone, male or female, can enjoy. I have had many women friends where I love to encourage them to be who they want to be and I celebrate their successes. At the same time there may be no true reason other than I like and connect those character’s stories regardless of gender.

Think about those things you personally love and if someone finds something you enjoy strange, you don’t owe them a reason and you don’t owe yourself a reason. Just let them know that you love it because you love it. It may be meaningless to others but it means something to you, even if you can’t explain it.

Updated on: May 9th, 2021