Finding Balance


In the beginning God created the Earth and it was balanced.  Everything worked the way it was supposed to but then man came along and messed it up.  The Earth fell out of balance.  The Earth ever since has been trying to once again reach that balance it had in the beginning but it hasn’t been able to for thousands of years.  The reason why we have weather and earthquakes is because the Earth is trying hard to reach that balance.  No matter how hard it tries it doesn’t happen.

Our lives are very much like this.  We are out of balance as well.  I am always obsessed with finding the perfect balance in all things.  In the past sometimes trying to find this balance was overwhelming.  As I have mentioned before in this blog I have been known to obsessively collect things.  I am still fighting those feelings all the time.  When I feel like my life is falling apart I fall into those old collecting habits.  My mind tries to find balance in the chaos and it is crazy enough to think that these old habits will bring order.  The following is an illustration of  where my mind goes when the obsessive thoughts take over. Look at the photo at the top of this post.  It features Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse.  When I am being obsessive I can’t enjoy this picture.  My mind focuses on the fact that Mickey Mouse is missing.  You can have Donald and Mickey and it would be balanced (since they are best buds) or Minnie and Mickey (since they are a couple) but you would never have Minnie and Donald around without Mickey.  That doesn’t happen.  This is an exaggerated example but I think it is a good illustration of how I feel when I get overwhelmed by life and how obsessed I get with the small insignificant things.

When life is out of balance we all try to focus on the small stuff that we feel we can control but it gets worse when we can’t even control the small stuff.  The toys are inanimate objects that are completely meaningless but isn’t that the way many of our problems are if we think about it?  We create the problem and then get lost in trying to find a solution to the imaginary problem.

The truth is this world is messed up and it has been that way since the beginning.  We will never find perfection in this life and the earlier we can accept the unbalance the easier this life will be.  So my advice to you is to eliminate those fake problems in your life that you use as distractions; accept the imperfections in yourself and others; and take those real problems you have and deal with them one day at a time.

Updated on: March 21st, 2016