Haunted By A Memory

I don’t believe in ghosts in the traditional sense but I do believe in them.

I have trouble listening to the music of my past. There are some songs that have transcended the decades and are still current to me because they have been a part of my life. They aren’t from the past, they are now.

Music of different eras represent times that are no longer with us. They are ghosts haunting us from times that were but aren’t any longer.

They remind us of people whom we loved that are no longer with us.

They represent places from our past that today don’t look like they did. Even if they look similar, our state of mind is different so they take on a different meaning.

They represent what we used to value.

I don’t have any issues with the past. I remember mostly the good stuff from days gone by but when I hear the music, the music of the past, it wants to remind me that I can’t go back and it steals my joy for what is now.

I choose to leave those times behind.

I loved those songs when I was there but I enjoy what is today… what is now.

I respect what I have learned but I don’t want to go back. The music forces me to go back when I am not ready for it. For that reason, if it is in my power to do so, I turn it off and go back to the music that brings me to the present. What is now is all that matters.

Updated on: November 27th, 2020