You are not Broken

Sadly there are many people who grew up believing that they were born broken and that there was nothing that they could do on their own to be good.  Messages like “don’t trust your instinct because it is faulty and human”.  If one were to grow up this way they would have learned that they were incomplete and,  left to their own devices, they would do evil things because the heart is by it’s very nature evil.  These beliefs were taught to them by well meaning people who broke the will of those who learned these false truths.  Marketers prey upon this with their expensive programs that promise to free people of their guilt and shame.  You can’t buy completeness.

The truth is that you weren’t born broken and you aren’t broken now.  You may have broken a few things but you aren’t condemned by the things that you can’t fix. Try your best to fix them but it won’t make you any more or less whole… because you already have everything you need today to be complete.  

Does this mean that I am suggesting you don’t continue improving yourself?  Does this mean that you can’t buy a book or participate in a program to help you do life better?  NO… you can continue to invest in things that help you grow as a person but that doesn’t mean that today you aren’t whole and complete just the way you are.

So … 

Don’t let anyone tell you that YOU are not enough.  

Don’t let anyone tell you that YOU are broken.  

Don’t let anyone tell you to be anyone other than YOU….

Don’t be afraid to take off that mask you are wearing that hides who you really are.  The more you hide that side of you the more it will reveal itself in destructive ways.  

You are NOT broken and it IS safe to trust and love yourself.

Updated on: September 23rd, 2019