The Bus Dream

Here it is “The Bus Dream”:

So this is a little different type of post. Every once in awhile I would wake up from a strange dream and then type it out in my journal. I would then make an attempt to interpret said dream. The following is what I wrote in my journal back in July 2018 which includes my observations.

In my dream it started out with me being in bed but then I soon discovered that my bed was on a, larger than typical, city bus. I was embarrassed that people could have been watching me sleep and then embarrassed that they may have saw me in my bed time clothes… but it turns out that no one cared… just then (as most dreams change quickly with not much narrative flow) I was wearing normal clothes and the bed was gone. I was still on the bus but was now a normal passenger. The bus was almost to my stop but just then I discover to my horror that a lot of my personal stuff was all over the floor of the bus and draped over the chairs where people weren’t sitting. My stuff was all over the place. Out of nowhere a tote appears that I instantly began using to collect all of my things. As I frantically gathered my stuff more and more totes appeared to help me fit everything. It quickly went from 1 to 2 and then to 4. I couldn’t fit a pair of my favorite shoes and a childhood favorite rubik’s snake puzzle toy which was one of my all time favorite toy lines since I was 8, and I had my blanket on me… which in reality was more than likely the blanket that was actually on me in my real bed. So while I was pushing the totes down the isle, some of my favorite things were falling out but I wasn’t noticing.

My dream skipped to me and my totes in a huge grassy area that looked like it was a huge park in front of a government building. Soon, the number of totes were closer to 6. I noticed the items that were missing and I tried to get an employee of this fictional bus system to let me back on the bus but he told me I was out of luck. For some reason I was perfectly okay with this and I accepted the fact that I could part with the items because they were just stuff and most of the things were easily replaceable.

But as I turn around people were opening the totes and picking at the stuff.  I was yelling at them to get away but they kept reaching and stealing things.  Inside the totes it turned out to be things that weren’t even mine but things I was holding onto for other people.  I fought with one guy who was trying to take some chess pieces (I’m not sure what the significance was on why they were chess pieces. I don’t even play chess).

Nothing in the totes were mine despite the fact that I struggled to hold onto the stuff.

Even though this dream was pretty much nonsense, I still got something out of it. What I surmised was that I am willing to ignore what should be important to me and I put more effort dealing with other peoples issues and paying attention to what they value as important to them.

My takeaway is (metaphorically speaking) for me to understand and respect those project or things that which are mine. And definitely (within reason) don’t put other people’s “priorities” above my own.

Updated on: October 2nd, 2019