The Imposter

The magician performed the same show every night.  It looked a little different each time but the essential elements of the show remained the same.  She had to work hard to make sure everyone was looking at her right hand while she performed the trick with her left.

The majority of her audience were so impressed that they would continue to come to her shows week after week.  There were some that would eventually look to her left hand and finally discover the trick.  Once they saw it they couldn’t unsee it.  The magician noticed the people who discovered her trick.  She could see it in their eyes.  The eyes that were once in awe of her talent looked disappointed in learning the truth.  Before they could say anything to anyone, during the show break, she would ask security to have them removed.  She would make up any story she could to make sure that those who no longer were enamored by her talent didn’t infect the others.

Outside the building word spread quickly and it was too late.  The once popular magician no longer had an audience to feed her need for attention.  She slowly faded away and the audience had quickly forgot the magician as they looked for something of substance.  

She walked out of the back door of the empty room to go somewhere else where she could be loved again.  Unfortunately, since she had never learned any new tricks. She just went from town to town, never again getting the audience numbers she had when she first began.

Updated on: February 29th, 2020