The Pause

She was always the hardest worker. She prided herself on all of her accomplishments and she knew that others looked up to her and she pretended not to care. Keep moving forward, make those goals, and she pretend that when she didn’t live up to her expectations that it was a learning experience. She allowed others to even be impressed with how well she fails.

There was nothing that could stop her and she hated feeling vulnerable. She was the best at all she did and she was the best at helping others feel like they were their best because of her.

This was how she lived… making every day better than the last.

Until it all slowed down. And then it stopped.

Life happened and she was forced to deal with problems that she couldn’t plan for on her goal charts. This was not a failure where she could fail the best. It just was and there was nothing she could do about it.

It wasn’t until the pause that she discovered who she really was. It wasn’t until this break that she could really connect with those who cared about her.

She was able to press play again but she was forever changed. She would never look at the world the same way. She discovered something her goals and her plans could never do… she discovered how to live.

Updated on: March 15th, 2020