The Restroom Keys

It’s interesting how ingrained our habits can become.  We may try to figure out what the current reason is for our habits but it may have to do with something in our past.  When a similar scenario that used to happen regularly years ago happens, the old pattern in our brain kicks in.

Here is an example.  At my old work location the restroom was in the courtyard and shared by multiple businesses in the building.  For security reasons the restroom had a keyed entry.  I was one of the few lucky ones who had his own key.  If I had to get in quickly I would shuffle through my many keys on my walk through the courtyard and find that one key so I can turn that lock to make it into the restroom on time. 

It has now been several months since we worked at that location… in fact we moved twice since leaving that corner.  Both of the newer locations didn’t have a lock on the restroom door but interestingly enough I still find myself reaching for that restroom key so I can be ready to get that door open as quickly as possible.

What habits are you currently trying to shake that at one point in your life served a purpose?  What was that purpose?  Can you thank that program that has been running in your brain for so long for how well it served you when you needed it? Let it know that it no longer has a place in your life.  You need to move forward and develop new habits that make sense for where you are located today.

Updated on: July 11th, 2019