Change your mind

The mind is an interesting organ. It is like a powerful computer that we upload programs to on a daily basis. What we don’t realize sometimes is how much damage we can do to the operating system. As I go through life and try to make changes to who I am the one thing I try to do is put new information in my head all the time in order to deal with things in a much better and different way than I did before. Sometimes it can be really hard to break old habits. Habits are like programed default steps we make on a daily basis. Once we get the program running it can be very difficult to do things a different way.

Lately I have been putting some more thought into this and four things came to mind that got me thinking. 3 of which are songs and one of is a bible verse.

The first is the Sister Hazel Song, “Change Your Mind”. Here is a sample from the lyrics:


I hope you’ve heard every word I’ve said
Yeah yeah
If you’ve had enough of all your tryin’
Just give up
The state of mind you’re in:

If you want to be somebody else,
If you’re tired of losing battles with yourself
If you want to be somebody else,
Change your mind, change your mind.
Change your mind, change your mind.
Out of your mind, out of your mind,
Just lose your mind.

I love this song though it is easier said than done but in some ways it is really that simple. Just stop doing the things that have been keeping you down. A lot of the problems we have in life start with our head.

The second is “Things Like You” by Sanctus Real. Sample from the lyrics:


Loving things like you has left me bruised, black and blue
Loving things like you has made me so confused
And I can’t figure out what I’ve been waiting on
God I can’t be living for things I know are wrong

Now I think it’s time to write a better chapter in my life
Leaving all those things that keep me wrapped so tight

The fact that I used to be a big collector/hoarder of stuff, this song really spoke to me. There are so many “things” that we get wrapped up in that take up so much of our time and our resources. When I sold a lot of my collections that I held on to I felt so free. I feel this way about TV shows I get hooked on watching as well. Sometimes the best thing that happens to me is when a show that I am addicted to gets canceled. Definitely frees up my evening to do something productive.

The third is a new song by Leeland called “The Opposite Way”:


And it seems like you’re locked in a cage
And you need to find a way of escape
When everyone is setting the pace
It’s okay to run the opposite way

I LOVE this song. “When everyone is setting the pace, It’s okay to run the opposite way”. There are so many things in life that we do because it is expected of us. Sometimes we have to stop and do a 180 and go the “Opposite Way” of what everyone else is doing. It’s okay not to follow the crowd. When I was in debt I was surrounded by messages that said that debt was just a part of life and so I felt okay with “treating myself”. Then one day I went the Opposite Way and never felt better.

And the forth is from Romans 12:2 (NIV):


Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

This is a great verse I reflected on a lot and I have been thinking about especially more this week because I am working on making more changes in the way I do things. I see the “pattern of this world” as the current program and the “renewing or your mind” as a reformatting of the brain. Sometimes we need to hit the brain’s reset button to stop doing things the old way and begin to do things the way we should.

All of these have a theme and that’s reprogramming the mind.

We seem to get stuck in a rut sometimes and think we should keep on doing the things we have been doing but we should simply change our minds and do things differently. Just how the bad habits were formed in our lives, you start doing the right things enough it because easier. I feel better when I do things the right way and I need to remember that and add it to my brains “Favorites” file (or at least create a shortcut on the desktop for easy access). When things in my life are organized and when I eat right I feel really good. So as a goal I am going to try to work on “Changing my mind”.

Original post August 2008

Updated on: August 29th, 2011