In a moment of discontent

The feeling of discontentment came over me once again. It sneaks up on me and reminds me of the things I want that I don’t have; it lets me know that my body doesn’t work as well as it used to; it wants to send me off to the store to buy things that I don’t need; it tells me that I am sad and lonely; it brings up all my failures in life; it wants me to find the first fast food drive thru and eat food that will make me feel sick the rest of the day.

But then I put that feeling of discontentment in it’s place as I remind it that I am happy with what I already have; I may have health issues but I feel better than I have in years because I have cut back on what I eat; I don’t have any business buying things I don’t need when I need to save money and besides my closet has a enough things sitting unused that I felt I HAD to buy; Even though my friends are not with me this second I have many friends & family who care about me very much; Though I sometimes give in to the discontentment I am reminded time and time again that it has no place in my life.

Today is a good day and nothing can take that from me. So instead of letting discontentment get me down I will go for a walk. Then later I will sit back on the couch, put on a jazz album, and read a good book. And finally thank God for helping me turn around my attitude.

Updated on: July 27th, 2011